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Biotech4cast was built for biotech investors to easily track clinical and regulatory events and rate events on the likelihood of a successful outcome. Event outcome is a major driver for biotechnology stock price movement. A new site with biotech stock penny stocks to watch and an easy to use trading catalyst calendar can be found at Biotech Forecast. This is an updated version of this site and contains more actionable biotech stock trades. Many biotech stocks are penny stocks. Penny stocks have a whole set of risks that are separate from the clinical trial outcome risk. To gain a better understanding of penny stock investment risk and which penny stocks to buy please visit Penny Stocks Buyers Guide.  The amount and quality of the information available for penny stocks can be much less than what is available for larger company stocks. So a stock can be a penny stock and also be a biotech stock. Advanced Cell Technology is one such stock and it is discussed in our blog. To take full advantage of all the great features you must first register. Once you have registered you will have the ability to see your profile page. Your profile page is the central repository that keeps all the important information in one location.  Your profile page contains the following features:

1) A listing of your favorite events. When are logged-in and view an event detail page you can mark that event as a favorite. Then all your favorite events are listed in your profile under ”Favorite Events”. This is very useful in keeping track of events as they come up.

2) A listing of your reviews. As a registered member you have the opportunity to rate and review biotech events. The comments left within the review can be your own notes on the likelihood of success and how you will trade the stock.

3) You can make friends with other members. You can then view what your friends are doing on biotech4cast.com via the activity stream.

4) Activity Stream. The activity stream contains short posts about what is happening on biotech4cast.com. The activity stream includes blog posts, biotech events added or updated on the site, when a member posts a review, when a favorite is added, etc. As a member you can toggle the activity stream to include your friends activities so you see what is important to you.

5) A messaging system. You can send and receive message from other members. Each member has their own inbox.

The goal of Biotech4cast.com is to aggregate the opinions of many different people into an easy to read rating from 1/2 stars to 5 stars. These user community ratings can be compared to editor ratings. Comments left within a review are used to justify ratings and provide relevant biotechnology company, clinical program, biotech stock and event information.

Members that are very knowledgeable may be invited to write blog articles. If you would like to write blog articles contact us using the contact us link at the bottom of each page.